Rail Sweep - Good Idea or Waste of Time?

Finished with my new 1000mm assembly but waiting on the X-Controller. Using the time to make a dust shoe and a few other minor mods. As I was fabricating side dust shields was looking at the V-wheels and rail. I assume the dust shields are used to prevent debris from building on the rail/wheels. I wondered if a sweep for the rails would be of any value? Have a similar setup on the tires of my band saw and they work well. This is what I have in mind.

Worthwhile or worthless?

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I never had an issue with any build up of dust on the rails. I would use the same type of brush you have there and trim the bristles to 1/4"or so and just brush the rails now and again. But…after I got the dust shoe I rarely need to anymore at at all

I appreciate the input. It appears the dust shoe is the definitive answer and I am working on one similar to Phil’s. Prototyping it now the old school way and plan to use it until I can learn enough to cut it on the X-Carve. Hopefully by next weekend I will have the X-Controller and get to fire things up. Anticipation is killing me!

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