"Raise the bit" height setting

This weekend I very nearly couldn’t use Easel as my GCode sender because the “raise the bit” step caused a soft limits alarm. The stock was 50mm thick so it was only down a couple of mm from the Z home position.

Any chance of getting a setting for how much the bit gets raised?

try safety hight under machine/advanced. my default is 0.15 in. this sounds like what you are talking about.

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Oh thanks. Will try it.

I thought when using the GCode importer, the safety height setting in Easel was ignored and it had to be set in whatever software you are using to generate the gcode.

Can someone confirm?

Something isn’t right then, because the raise I’m talking about is the one in the carve screen in Easel which happens before the gcode itself is sent. The safety height during the carve would be in the gcode, but this is before that.

Raise the bit is before the Gcode sending and is done after you set zero and before turning the spindle on if I remember correctly so I’d think the safety height would come into play since it’s still Easel driven and not pure Gcode sending yet.

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Ok, you are referring to the raise just before turning on the spindle right? That one should still be the easel setting, but any safety height used during the cut or at the end is set within the gcode.

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