Raised Characters in a sign

I want to make a sign that has a raised outer edge and raised characters (the same height as the edge) The area between the characters and the edge is to be milled away about 1.5 mm deep. Is this possible with Easel? I am using a 3018 CNC router. I have drawn it in Fusion360 and printed it on my 3D printer, now I want to mill it.


Why not use Fusion to generate the gcode?


I have tried to do that and cannot generate a file that Easel will recognise.

You need an appropriate post processor, download Fusion360-Xcarve PP here:

Add like this:

I managed to produce a printable file and 3D print it. I came to the conclusion that there was a problem in my drawing, probably is, it’s the first I’ve done.
I can produce the text in the box using Easel but don’t know how to put it into the “negative” so to speak. I’m sure there is a simple way as there is to reverse characters etc.

Its simple but perhaps not intinutive :slight_smile:

Make a rectangle as “floor” and align the letters over it, set letters to zero or partial depth :slight_smile:

@Centurian the image in my first reply is a link to a basic example.