Raising the bit and two part cuts

So I have an issue with raising the bit after you set the starting point at the top of my material. It always raises it way too far then cuts in mid air. The only work around I have been able to find is:

  1. Set the bit right on the starting point.
  2. Turn off my controller box without raising the bit.
  3. Turn on my controller box.
  4. Go through the steps again without moving the bit manually,.
    If I do it this way the bit doesn’t raise to high and the cut comes out fine.

The issue is that with the software update that separates cuts into two parts it will either cut the outline or fill but not both at the same time. This is a problem because in order to trick the machine into working I would have to pick the exact same spot both times to start my cut. That is very hard to do.

Are you actually going through the Carve setup menu completely? If you have to move the machine for whatever reason after you set the Work Home position, you just use the last Home position when you go back through the Carve setup process again. Also, using the 2-stage carving should not be too difficult. All you should have to do it reset the Z Work Zero when the roughing pass has been completed and you have changed the tool.


Brandon Parker

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Eric, it sounds like you’re selecting “use prior” instead of probing or “use current position” option.

I think this issue is that you have only a single element of your design, you may need to make a copy setting one as a “pocket” and the other as “outside the line”

If you can share the project link, this will allow us to see your actual design and provide more accurate assistance vs the sort of guessing we are working from now :man_shrugging:
In Easel Go to Project>Share and change it from private to unlisted and copy the link, and then share the link over here… it’s only a copy and we can’t change your version of the file.

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