Random: "GRBL" Pronunciation Poll

Just curious:

Without looking it up or reading any responses below before you vote…

How do you personally say “GRBL” when either reading it or saying it out loud?

Chime in with any option I am missing.

  • Gerbil- like the rodent
  • Garble- reproduce (a message, sound, or transmission) in a confused and distorted way
  • G, R, B, L - saying each letter individually in a row with a slight pause in between each letter

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I saw this earlier today when I was reading about GRBL.

You left out the last sentence of the quote:
“We love hearing the various interpretations of our name”

I cant think of many more off the top of my head other than the ones I used in the poll.

When reading the posts on this forum, I always pronounced it Garble, without knowing a darn thing about it. I get a chuckle out of that it was intended to be Gerbil.

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I actually say girble, like the start of girl and the end of table.


I’ve heard it called gerble. Like the gerbers baby

I have always read it the same as @StuartPearson, only I would’ve described it more like, “grr” (like a growl, sort of) and “-ble”.


in the short time that I’ve know CNC and or Grbl,(about a year) I’ve pronounced it grrble.
by the way, do the individual letters stand for something?



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I pronounce Grrble with a hard “G” as well.

GRBL is pronounced “Mach 3” right?

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