Randomly stopped mid carve

Was carving a sign, then about 25% done, the machine randomly stopped cutting, lifted the spindle, then returned to the start (like it behaves when it finishes a carve).

Weird I thought. So, I told it to do the carve again, use the last position, then the machine moved forward a bit to where the workpiece wasn’t at.

No power outages, never had this issue before.

Any ideas?

Edit: I will add, it was cutting out a snow flake in a very small spot, so I wonder if maybe the machine felt there was an issue because it didn’t do alot of X/Y movement.

This sounds like either a static discharge, or a usb loss of connection, which could be a result of the pc itself or the cabling and physical wiggling… for the pc make sure that usb selective suspend is disabled (theres a guide on Google)

Yeah, i’ve got that all done.

Havent had an issue in months (I was one of the 1st to get the XCP), so this is odd.

@TCarter Did you observe this issue again?
I had the same thing and after a lot of experiments I figured out it had to do with my browser’s memory…
It only happens to me on complex designs, and more often with Firefox than Chrome.
Does that sound similar to your case?

@cd127 ,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I haven’t ran into the issue again. I did however go back and check my laptops power settings and did notice that my ‘USB Selective Suspend’ setting was enabled (I thought I had it disabled before).

This whole thing was bizarre to me, as I mentioned before, I’ve used the machine for 8-9 months before this happened.

It did this though in a snow flake that had a lot of detail in a small area, my initial thought was maybe the machine was doing a lot of moving in essentially the same spot, and it detected that something might’ve been wrong so it killed the carve.

I don’t know though, hasn’t happened since.