Ravens sport sign


This looks awesome! Do you have plans to finish it with anything or just leave it natural?

Actually looking at it now it looks like the top one is covered with something and the bottom one is natural?

Yes that is correct the top is cleared with a poly urethane coating. I use this picture as an example for the work i can do, saying they can come finished or be finished by the customer. The picture above is not a sale item but a present I did for family members.

Cool! Looks sweet! Keep it up man. I need to spend more time on my machine. I just don’t have it! :frowning:

What do u mean? do you need Help?

Woah those looks sweet!

Thank you

I just meant I wish I had more time to play on the XC and make sweet stuff like this! Keep it up looks great!

I only have time on weekends to do my work. watch youtube thats how how i do all my stuff

Definitely watch alot of youtube! lol. I probably shouldn’t watch so much youtube but it’s almost more entertaining than regular television.

Same here