Re-order Workpieces in Single Project

So this is a simple feature request, by giving users the ability to re-order the individual workpieces at the bottom of the screen. This is particularly useful when doing multi-part carves, that a specific order is required. (Drag and Drop functionality?)


I think we’d all love that!

@ChrisTech The only workaround I’ve been able to find for the time being is to duplicate the workpieces to the end in the order that you want, then delete the originals. Not the best, but it does get things organized.

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@ChrisTech. There you go. That’s what I do

I agree that’s a workaround, but drag and drop functionality shouldn’t be hard to do for this. There’s times when I make notes on a specific workpiece, and want to drag it to the front (something the Notes section can’t capture). This would mean I need to re-create (read: copy/paste) all of my workpieces in a specific order for them to be where I want.

PS: Yes, I know I’m being picky. :wink:

I absolutely agree, this functionality would be a marvelous quality of life improvement for complex, multi workpiece projects! Please please! =)

Drag and drop would absolutely the way to go. Easy and solid upgrade.

Hi folks,

Saw this and just wanted to share an update, you can now reorder your workpieces. Enjoy!