Really LONG Sign

Any advice

Make the individual words or individual letters and apply them to a solid background piece? That or use a program that can do tiling of the work.

Hi Phil
THANKS For the input
Your idea is essentially what I did!
It worked VERT WELL
Thank you
God Bless,

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Quite a bit late to the party but Last summer I was engraving deck boards for a local restaurant that were 8 ft long.
I used vectric’s vcarve pro 8.0 and accessed the tile feature.
The software took the image as a whole when designing and then broke it down into tiles or sections that I would cut by running the first tile, then, when finished, shift the board to line the next tile up with the zero point and so on.
I was running 90 inch sections in three tiles and with most of them you could not tell where one ended and the next began.
There were some slight misalignments but they were due the the unplaned nature of the boards not the machine or software