Reassembling original X-Carve

Hi, I have an original model X-carve with the Arduino box that has been sitting in pieces for several years, basically I had it running inside the house and it was too dusty and noisy to be very practical. I now have an outside space for it and want to put it back together again, and would be interested in any tips as what to be careful of.
Before dismantling it I had changed from the little original spindle to the DeWalt router, and I have the single bar improvement for the x-axis (still in it’s bubble wrap). I also should have a new (well, old but unused) lot of belting I bought at the same time. I can’t afford to buy a new controller or anything like that, plus most parts are difficult to come by here (Guatemala), so basically I just want to put it back together again.
As I can’t work due to the covid-19 restrictions here now is a good time to do this, so I remade my workbench and am set to go now.

Welcome “back” :slight_smile:

If you want more stepper power for minimum cash, all you need is an Arduino, 4x TB6600 stepper drivers and a 36V PSU. Cheapest option available if you want full power / torque from your steppers.

OK, I’ll look into that, thanks.

Well, I got it back together and did a dry run carve today, I had to loosen one of the x-axis v-wheels but after that it ran on the second attempt. Only one of my zeroing switches ever worked properly, I think I made a mess with the soldering on those, so for the moment the wires are just dangling there as decoration. I also need to screw the controller box somewhere on the side before it gets knocked off the table top.
It feels a lot more solid with the 1-piece x-axis than it did before. I will try it out with a test cut tomorrow. If that works I’ll look at putting some plugs on the wall, and tidying up the rat’s nest of wires, at the moment everything is running on an extension lead.