Recent Easel updates?

Just curious if there has been any recent updates or changes. No problems connecting the last 2 years, then suddenly I can’t get the carve button to turn green. Went through everything I could possibly think of. When looking under “machine” at the top, it shows like I’ve never set up the machine. Not sure how that suddenly happened. Nothing with my computer has changed settings wise.

Hi @BrianJohnson! Please reach out to our Customer Success team if you’re still having issues - they’ll help you out!

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I actually submitted a message but hadn’t heard back. I know everyone is busy so just posted here to see if anyone saw it sooner or if anyone else is having similar issues. Thanks

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Checked the E-stop?

Yes. I never use the e stop anyway.

Well, whoever I just talked to said Easel can’t be used with windows vista, which isn’t true because I’ve used it perfectly fine up until when I went to finish up an order on Monday after work. When I bought the cnc I was told I had to use an older Easel driver due to vista, and have ever since. The one person I was told might be able to help me gets off work at 3pm, and starts at 8am tomorrow. So I’m at work all day while he’s available(no fault of his). I was only told I’d have to buy a newer computer, which I can’t just walk out and do. Guess I could if I didn’t pay on my medical bills…

@BrianJohnson Following this. I experienced the exact same issue over the weekend (also running Easel with an older laptop with Windows Vista). I haven’t had issues since 2015 when I first purchased my machine and all of a sudden I cannot get a green “Carve” button. It worked fine as recently as a week and a half ago.

I submitted my own support ticket and will post if I get any updates.

I was told to just buy a new computer basically. Yeah…

Hi @BrianJohnson
We are in the process of transferring Easel to SSL to improve security. I can see that you are running an older version, which does not have the security updates necessary to work with new security changes to our platform. We strongly recommend updating to the latest version of Easel Driver running (0.3.14 as of writing this message).
Windows Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft as of April 17, 2017, and we would urge you to update your OS if possible. You would benefit from official support from Microsoft as a part of the upgrade.
We do also support Ubuntu Linux, which could be an option to use your current hardware and stay up to date with updates while not requiring to invest in new hardware.


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Hi @AdamNorris
I see that you have updated the Easel Driver to a more recent version. Were you able to solve the problem you have been having not being able to carve?


Same peoblem here! Any solution?
@KacperMarcisz we need a solution quick,… i have a lot of work to cut for tomorrow and my machine cant connect to the Easel.