Recent Tool Path Change in Easel?

Has there been a change in tool paths recently?

I’ve had that happen before, that seems to be a glitch. I’m not sure what fixed it, but yeah it adds tons of time. I may have just had to close my browser and re-open easel, but I’m not sure. I’ve seen other people have that problem, but it has been a while, I’m surprised they haven’t completely fixed it.

No, the tool path change I saw was an improvement and I was just hoping it was permanent and not a glitch as well. Usually when I cut out letters like an “o” it will do two passes on the inside then two passes on the outside. It will continue on the same letter but works the inside and outside cuts down at the same time. The other day I cut some out and it did the inside completely and then outside, which saved a ton of z travel and was way faster. I hope they keep it, but to hear you having your issue is a bummer.

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