Recently Did a CNC Carve For My New YouTube channel

I just launched a new YouTube channel, so I decided to congratulate myself with a unofficial plaque!

If you want to check out the video, I have it linked below! Happy Carving!

How to CNC - The Inventables X-Carve


Thanks, I will check it out

Michael - Nice video work! Good breakdown of the the work/tech steps. Editorial comment - be cautious of your frequent usage of ‘so’ and ‘but’. I’m glad to see people like you doing work like this to reduce the learning curve. Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to your next video.

Nice video. Keep it up.

Just out of curiosity, why did you remove the protective film from the material before cutting? Typically I leave this on until I am done with the part, this prevents unwanted scratches during the milling stages. I have not used this type of material on the Xcarve yet but do not see any reason why it needs to be removed before milling. Just curious.

Thanks for sharing.

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Nice video, you’ve got a new subscriber (Manhattan Wood Project). :smile:

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