Recommendations for buying 1/8 cutters in the UK?

After some 1/8 cutters.
Would be cutting MDF and birch ply.

Any recommendations on which and where to buy?



whiteside router bit dealer

Highly recomended. Great service and very fast shipping. ordered twice and twice great service.

Koen (Belgium)

seconded for the whiteside dealer. I have used them for router cutters and the quality of the bits and the service provided is excellent. intend to buy my bits from them when i finally buy a spindle and finish my machine.

I’ve had fantastic luck with these, purchased off of Amazon - Autek 10x 1/8" Titanium Nitride Coated Carbide CNC Router Bits Single Flute Tools 12mm(1Lx3.12Tix10) . $18

I use the same ones for aluminum, they work great.

@ErikJenkins I bought them based on your recommendation. I’ve also purchased the ball-end set from them as well, but have not tried them yet. At that price, they’re great to learn with.

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Thanks, I think I will go for a set from Amazon too. Are you guys in the UK? If so how long did delivery take?

No, I’m Stateside, but I think they took about a week to get to me here.