Recommendations for Living Hinges

Dylan and Molly at Woodbrew made a living hinge lounge chair with their X-Carve:

At the end of the video, they’re asking for recommendations for how they could improve the design. Has anyone else made large-scale living hinge pieces like this? I’m sure they’d love some insights if you wanted to share in the comments of their video!

…But also, I just really want to know because I want to make one of these chairs :tipping_hand_woman: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I have messed around with living hinge stuff in the past and a true living hinge is hard to make on a cnc router because you are cutting very thin grooves but they are perfect for cnc lasers

now that being said you can create a living hinge on a cnc routers pretty easily by gluing 2 boards together with something like leather in the middle and use a v-bit to cut through the wood but not the leather on both sides

something sorta like this

or you can do the kerfing wood bending method shown here