Recommended Software for Carvey

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie with Carvey and I would like your recommendations of the following software needs and links for accelerated learning:

  1. Software for general better Design and “Printing”.
    (I ordered Corel Draw Pro and I have Cubify Design that can export into DXF or other CAD formats.)

  2. Software for better Design and Carving of the Electronic Boards provided as a bundle from Inventables.

Please, any help will be appreciated.


I used adobe illustrator for all my design then save SVG.

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I have been using openSCAD to do more complex objects. I then export as 2D SVG files for carvey. The easel package doesn’t do differences and intersections and such very well. It is easy to use, but very limited. I designed a T shaped enclosure with a milled interior. The SVG import doesn’t retain scale, so you have to go in and edit the scale values to get back to the original object. If you do the work in multiple passes, you need to be able to align the various parts once scaled, so it will help if you add a couple of alignment holes outside the object to make sure the cuts end up together as expected.
Every day is a learning experience! :slight_smile:

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For links, you may find the Shapeoko wiki of interest:



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Thanks everyone for all your help and kindness!!!

Easel got a new pen tool and vector editor this week so you may want to evaluate that option.

It also takes SVG or G code import if you use another tool for design.

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