Recommended Successful Bit, Speed, Depth, Material List

There are questions on the forum on bits and materials, me being one of them, so starting this thread as a place where X-Carve users can list their successful bit experiences and details.

Format could be something like this:

Medium Density Fiberboard - 1/8" (.125) Carbide Spiral Bit, 100in/min, .025 depth
300W 24V Quiet Spindle

Works very well, recently increased depth from .020 to .025 and there was no change in difficulty


Great idea.

I’ll be making my first cuts tomorrow (MDF) and something like this would be a great resource for getting up to speed quickly.

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There’s a page on this on the ShapeOko wiki:

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What is your RPM setting in Easel? I starting looking into this a little while ago and found some calculation and found a pretty good happy place. I discussed it a bit over here:

There is also a photo of my cut finish with in that thread.