Rectangle centered Test

I have added a rectangle 9x6 on a board 10x7 with a pocket cut of 0.04.

I center the rectangle to the material and probe and carve, the rectangle carves way off

Left side leaves 1”, Right side 1/8”, top 1/16” and the bottom 1”.


Have you checked the calibration of your machine? Have you recently added or changed anything on your machine? Did you recently update or upgrade the firmware… and lastly, what machine do you have and what year?

In addition to the questions @Robert10 asked… How are you setting your xy zero?

Using the center now

No changes i have the 4040 pri

I jog the spindle to the center mark I made and then use my Z probe

How’d you make that?
Are you centering your endmill on that center mark when you zero?
Are you sure of your stock dimensions?
Your steps/mm are off if your measurements and design are correct, but the rectangle should be centered regardless. This implies you have zeroed incorrectly or you are having a mechanical problem.

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