Recutting a specific section

Last night I ran my X-carve and after the pattern was finished I realized that part of the cut was not done to the depth I had selected. Upon further investigation, I found a slight warp in the wood mainly in the corner where the machine “HOMEs.” Is there a way to reset the Z axis and only run the portion that was not done right?

I’m no expert but when this happened to me I put a shape over what I didn’t want carved and made it depth of zero and then set the depth a little deeper for what wasn’t carved.

Ok. Good idea.

You can reset Z alone by commanding opening Easel Machine Inspector and type G92 Z0 followed by Enter
This will set the current Z position as 0.

You could also type G92 Z2 which = current Z position is 2mm above Z0.

Easel machine inspector? I am unfamiliar with this…

Easel - Machine - Advanced - Machine Inspector
Or CTRL+Shift+D (CMD-Shift+D on Mac)

Your command window is the Console.