Recycled Pepsi Lids

what do I do with all my Type 2 plastic. Throw it away. not me I melt it in a small oven. By the way once you use the small oven to melt plastic I would not use it for food. I surface planed it manually with the xcarve. I have it on my todo list how to code gcode and do it CNC style. Tomorrow I will use the Kreg to put a couple holes in it.


My interest is piqued, What plans do you have for such a monster?

doing the same thing here
bottle caps
pill bottles
grocery bags
pop bottles
milk jugs
on and on
I use wood forms in my press to place the molten blob in to cast blocks to machine.

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I guess it doesn’t show to well, but there 2 grooves following the length. the 5mm tightening screws fasten the work to the waste board. I also but the Kreg angle screws quickly add extra hold down force. I used it to make another fastening board It is 13 inches by 6 inches. The 3 slots allow me tighten down the piece a foot away. The hold down screws are being replaced by

These are great. They hold down the piece quickly without tools.

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around 325 degrees. I push it if I have garage door open. Over 325 they it say it is poisonous. Most plastics are poisonous .
if you bought the Eastman stove it is the same thing I have except mine has some company name on it and a turkey/chicken roaster. I bought a cheap mixer to shred the plastic. It melts quicker, Add some water to keep it fluid. It dries quickly.

I went to your site and it is nice. I can’t believe you desescated a Coke machine to create it, But it a nice machine.

How clean can you get it? Any bubbles? I am working on my hydrofoil molds, and need a good, clean material without defects.