Red lines in the pattern

Can someone explain to me why I have red lines in the pattern.
When I start cutting, it don´t cut where the red lines are


It means your bit size is too large and you need to change the setting and use a smaller bit size.

I wonder if that’s the problem.
I have used 1mm bits

how can it be to large on one side , and not on the other side. Strange !

how can it be to large on one side , and not on the other side. Strange !

It’s possible one size is slightly larger. But just a guess

@KristianAng - can you share your project link?

One easy solution you can experiment with is to change the cosmetic shapes to “On Path” milling operations.
Easel should cut it out regardless of end mill size.
Especially if final size is not critical, it will get the job done.

Please tell me how to do that

It´s a good guess, but no it´s the same size on both sides

File / Share / Shared with Link

Then just copy/paste the URL.


ok hang on

Hi Kristian,

This looks like an issue Easel is having with the fill patterns of the nested shapes. It looks like the points are oriented in a different direction (clockwise vs. counterclockwise) for one of the birds in each object and Easel’s toolpath generation is not expecting that. If you reverse the orientation of the points, it will generate properly. I’ve done this in a copy of the project here:

I’m opening a ticket for us to look into handling these better.

BTW - Red “uncarveable” regions due to the bit being too small can only ever happen with “Fill” objects, never outlines


Good morning
In the article about the red lines it was stated that a ticket will be opened for investigation of the concern. can you tell me what date that was and what is the progress of the possible fix? I have been having the same thing happen, I’ll be designing a project and everything is going just fine. Then I’ll copy an object and flip it (Mirror) it and then the warning "bit too large " will appear.


I haven´t got any answer about this

We haven’t addressed this specific case of nested path orientation in Easel yet. In the mean time, the workaround is to reverse the orientation of your nested paths before importing them into Easel. That will solve the problem.