Red Oak X-Carve Table

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to the X-Carve and CNC machines in general. Finally pulled the plug and bought one. I was very excited and made a table for my X-Carve. I waited until my machine arrived so i could get measurements to customize my table. I will still be customizing it as time goes on by adding a detachable rolling work bench for longer pieces of wood as well as tool organizers. Here is what I have so far. If any one is interested, I can provide a list of materials as well as cut sizes.
My table is 48" by 48" and 38.5" tall. I lowered it from my original plans of 42" tall to make it easier to reach across the machine.

Here is the finished table.

I created a torsion box using regular pine wood in the center to keep the cost of the table down but used red oak on the exterior.

I added the bottom shelf and some dividers to make it easy to store tools, the dust collector and I utilize the middle section for storing wood.

I sanded down the table using 120 grit, 180 grit and 220 grit. Then I painted the middle of the table black using spray paint then treated the wood with prestain. The stain I chose to go with was Minwax Ebony oil based stain. I applied it using a stain sponge then applied three protective coats on top using Minwax polyurethane.

After staining I added 8 corner brackets. I painted the brackets and hardware black prior to putting them on then touched up the paint after installing them.

I purchased leveling brackets from amazon and installed them on the sides of my table in order to level my table due to my garage floor being cracked and unlevel.

After installing the X-Carve this is how it came out. I only wish the electric cables were longer to allow the x-controller to be placed on the shelf below.

I will be adding other upgrades as time goes on. Thank you guys for your feed back and if you have other ideas please share.


Very nice job. I only wish mine was that nice. :grinning:

Super job, now dirty it! :wink:

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Spent more on that table than your Xcarve. Nice.

Very impressive table. Enjoy the Xcarve.