Reduce Sound of Stepper Motors

Hi, I had a Shapoko, then upgraded to an X-Carve, then upgraded to an x-controller (one of the first), stiffened the frame, then upgraded to linear rails and screw feed on all axis, ditched DeWalt and got a Makita spindle (to run at a slower speed), built a cabinet around it, and bolted it down to a very heavy workbench. All in an effort to mill Aluminum. Throughout I have had the wine of stepper motors making the majority of the sound coming from the machine. Then a little over a year ago I got an Ender 3d printer to replace my PrintRBot. The machine makes very little noise, the steppers are almost silent. Other than a little fan noise, you can only hear the filament coming off the reel. Does anybody know how they did it?

Yes my steppers are massive, but Creality/Ender was able to silence their steppers by some modification on the circuit board. If you get the older model circuit board you get stepper noise. Is there a hack that could drop the noise level of the steppers?

It’s mainly due to the stepper motor drivers not the steppers themselves…when you got the new printer it came with 2209’s I believe… I have one those are meant to quiet the steppers and be used for stealth chop and uart and also spi if you configure it that way…the x-carve is open source so there’s probably a way you can switch out the stepper drivers but then again the x controller is kind of a closed configuration think the controller main board is attached to the stepper drivers in the case idk…. Worth checking out though.

I probably will make an attempt to quiet it further. I can’t run past around 8 pm now because of neighbors. Funny how cutting the metal is quieter than the steppers.