Reducing Cut Time? Cut time seems too long

Is it normal for it to take 11 hours to cut large shapes out of 3/4 in wood? I typically use my xcarve for engraving because It always seems to take a ridiculous amount of time to cut out full shapes. I watch videos on youtube of people using the xcarve to cut out several large pieces and I have a hard time believing they are spending a month carving one project lol. Below is the link to my simple project. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to speed up this cut?

11 hour shelf carve

i am for sure not the smartest guy to be relying but it says the carve time is 53 minutes. that is not bad but you could turn the the feed rate up with the 1/8" bit.

You can definitely go alot faster, probably double. Remember the easel recommended feeds and speeds are just a starting point you can usually go alot faster.

If your actual cut times are drastically slower than the estimate, something might be wrong with your machine setup.

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Using the default cut settings on the material you have selected…3/4 bamboo… Easel calculated just under 6 hours…
increasing the feed rate to 80 IPM Easel cut that time in half.

Adjusting your feed rate, DOC and plunge rate to suit the material has dramatic effects on cut time.

the 53 minute cut is only to cut as deep as the file is currently set. If you change the DOC to full through cut it ups it to between 3-5 hours. I think that is what the @Tszente is trying to do…:thinking:

That’s still not 11 hours as he said. Also, why share a project with invalid settings trying to fix the problem? That doesn’t make sense.

Check your machine settings. If it’s GRBL, post your settings ($$) here.

The 53 minutes was because it was accidentally set to cut 1mm. I did not realize I changed the depth when I shared the project, thats why. I’m hear looking for help, so clearly I am not extremely experienced with this. I just changed the depth to cut all the way through and it is showing over 11 hours. Im going to just try playing with the feed rate. The default settings are definitely not getting me anywhere near 6 hours as many people are stating.

I just pulled up your project and changed a few settings and it projects to around 5 hours. Mine is set on inches instead of mm. I did a very conservative 30 in/min (you could do or try 50) and then I set the depth per pass to half the size of the bit (half of 1/8" is 1/16" or 0.0625). I left the plunge rate at what if defaulted to. Here’s a screenshot of what I set it to. What does yours look like?

edit: This is with cutting at full depth of 3/4".

edit edit: Just be careful when cutting all the way through 3/4" material and make sure your bit is long enough to do that, by that I mean measure the length of your bit to make sure it is longer than 3/4".

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I gotta get brave and try that. I just did the linear Z upgrade not to long ago as well. 50 or 60 in/min is as far as I’ve pushed it yet.

Tabs do slow down the process. It would be nice if Easel offered ramped tabs. In Vcarve it cruises right over the ramped tabs.

Plus no witness marks of stopped travel.