Reference lines

Is there a way to draw reference lines/shapes in Easel that do not get carved? In another product I have used, you select which objects actually get carved. This allows lines and shapes to be used to locate multiple object. For example using a arch to align multiple shapes in ways that the Align function cannot do. I realize I could just delete them after they have served their purpose, but I would like to leave them in the project, just not have them result in any machining.

Any help will be appreciated.

Not that I am aware of but there are two ways to cheat that I can suggest:

  • Draw the alignment parts narrower than the bit you want to use is, if the bit is too large it wont carve. (May not work with all designs, like V-carving)
  • Make your design to the left of Easel Y-axis and set your alignment objects to zero depth. They will be white but clearly visible on the blue background. Set your work zero accordingly as Easel always consider XY0 grid point as work zero.

Hope this works out for you :slight_smile: