Reference Voltage for Gshield

Those of you with happily cutting X-carves, can you take a moment to read the voltage off the potentiometers on the gshield and report back the values? Be careful not to short anything though!

I’m kind of surprised this information doesn’t exist already. Makes tuning the machine a lot easier.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Since the X-carve is heavily modified, it’s difficult to say what current limit is best for any given situation. You have to determine what works best for you.

Check this thread:

Thanks Larry. I guess I should give some specifics for my setup. It’s pretty much the stock recommended for the 1000mm configuration. I would think there would be others out there that just opted for the stock option as well.

The motors I have are the NEMA 23’s rated for 2.8A.

Anyone out there willing to share there reference voltage from the trimpots with the same motors?

Probably not going to get many responses.

I have a 500mm and I’m running 23s at 1.28 volts

I am curious what is the info that you are looking for used for?

Many of the adjustments on the X-carve are not easily quantified. The belts and tight/loose settings of the V-wheels are somewhat subjective.

However, the current limit is one that can be easily set to a specific value.

It’s like the difference between using a pressure gauge to set your tire pressure to 32 PSI as opposed to just hooking up the air hose and stopping when “that looks pretty good”.