Release of the x-controller?

Do we have an ETA on this marvelous product?

Found a post about it after searching… See here:

OK it’s been 23 days since the last post, but who’s counting :wink: Any updates @BartDring on when the X-controller will ship?

We had to reject a batch of cables. They created a bit of smoke :smile:.

No collateral damage though. This is one tough controller!

The supplier is making replacements. We don’t have a date yet, but it should not have a big impact.

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As an outside party testing the X-Controller I can confirm what @BartDring said… it is a pretty tough controller and the noise filtering inputs, the more robust stepper drivers definitely help smooth out the experience of working with the X-Carve. I’m loving it.

Any update on a release of the X-Controller yet? Also after your Black Friday sale, what impact on shipping times did all the new orders for complete machines have?

Any news on this ?
Guess we are talking a 2016 release now ?

Been checking the page every few days. Noticed they have been swapping out the images every few weeks.

It seems to get me every time because the green add to cart button starts to show up just before changing to the statement they are only testing interest. Hopefully they have got interest by now.


Patiently waiting.