Relief carving with free software

This was my first try at relief carving. I downloaded a free 3D model in STL format and opened it in Estlcam. Estlcam created both the roughing and finishing cuts. It also will generate gcode for Easel to use. This was super easy and best of all I can export models from Tinkercad that I use for 3D printing and also carve them.

While I am a user of EaselPro it does make me wonder if it is really worth the money. I can buy Estlcam for $59 and yes it is very basic but I feel that relief carving is something “PRO” software should do.

I just wanted to share this FREE and EASY way to import 3D models for carving. I know it can be done with Fusion 360 but this is so much faster and easier.


Is there a free version of Estlcam?

Here is a link to Estlcam. It is free but has a wait time when generating gcode. The wait times increase with every use and I’m not sure if there is a limit.


Thanks Jeff! going to try this in the near future