Relief cutting coin

Well I decided to try some more coin cutting to see what kind of detail I could achieve. I must say other than needing to removing burrs and do some polishing not too bad at all. I used a small vbit that i honed to a rounded point of .022 in. in width. Cuts were set to 5 IPM @ .005 DOC per pass. Just wish the camera would show better detail i will have more photos and add a short video tomorrow.

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Wow Shane, in the first photo I couldn’t tell what it was , but on the second one I recognized it right away, Im a former Marine, good job on that. The bits that you use, are they for metal cutting?

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I use a knife sharping stone to profile the bits for what i want to use them for because the v bits seem to take side load stress better than the micro end mills. If i break one I just recut it with the stone to make a new bit.
ebay micro v bit set

I am going to try different lighting to day to try and get a better photo. also try to get a short vid put together.

I look forward to see your work in action!

going to put vid together here after dinner. I did get some macro close ups of the coin before cleaning

well i guess no vid epic recording fail on my part

I managed to create a coin look: