Remote Sensor on Power Supply

Recently I picked up a Mean Well SE-600-48 Power Supply. It has a Built in Remote Sensor Function. This input consists of a + -. I have performed a quick google search but I can’t seem to figure out what this function is actually for. Can anyone enlighten me on what this input does?

If you are referring to the RS Connector, that is the remote sense input. You can think of it as the leads from a voltmeter that the power supply uses to adjust the voltage output so that it can compensate for losses in the high current wire.

Thanks Larry. Is it something that needs to be hooked up or is it optional? If hooking it up to a G540, I assume the RS connections are made on the G540 side, then connected to the input plug on the power supply.

The remote sense terminals should not be left open.

If you are not going to use the remote sense option, then you need to hook a wire between +V and +S. Also, hook a wire between -V and -S. This will put the power supply into what is referred to as “local sense”. The wire does not have to be a large gauge as there is very little current flow into the “sense” terminals.

In the diagram above think of the G540 as the “load”.

In programmable power supplies I’ve used at work, there’s usually also a toggle switch that changes the supply from local to remote sense. You should still connect the terminals together but if there’s a toggle switch, it’s a little less important.