Remove line vector

What is the best way to remove a line of an enclosed shape so one side is free of vector?

Thank you!

You can go into the node editing and delete those nodes in that line.

the easiest way to not carve that line is to make a rectangle of matching size and then place it atop the line. I don’t believe that Easel will allow you to take a closed vector and make it into an open one.

If you need the line removed in its entirety, then you’d need to export the SVG and then edit in a graphic editor software like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. However it also looks like you have the cut set to “outside the path” and if you edit it to remove that line and bring it back in, then it won’t be a closed vector and you wont’ be able to select that cut type, instead it will be locked to cutting on the path,


The only possible way to do this in easel, is to use the line tool.
keeping in mind you will have an open vector.

Thank you, I’ve been doing the rectangle on top of line method. Thought there might be a more concise way to achieve same results.

Thanks again for the responses!

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