Remove spindle plate, add generic plate, Mount JTech laser

Good Morning folks, as the title states, I want to remove the router spindle plate/mount and replace it with a Gantry plate that I can mount the JTech 7Watt Pro laser on permanently; turning My X Carve into a laser only CNC.

I see that Inventables has a carriage plate for sale for $8.33 that should suffice however, they want to gig me $20.35 for shipping?! Thanks, I’ll pass on that. I have been perusing OpenBuilds website (they’re 45 minutes from my location so shipping would be considerably less) and came across these plates but, am unsure which one to try:
It looks like I might want the 40mm plate which is one of 4 plate options they offer but I’m unsure. Does anyone have experience trying this or something similar?

Any advice on this endeavor is much appreciated, Thanks!

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Could you remove your existing plate and measure the screw holes behind to detmine the spacing?

lol, I was out there removing it and measuring and came back in and saw your post. Here’s some pics:
It looks like 20mm spacing on the screw holes for mounting the plate to the backlash block on the ACME screw and 80mm between V- Wheels vertically and 65mm side to side (center of wheel holes).

Oh well, OpenBuilds plates are in-compatible with the MakerSlide. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and take the rectal stretching on the shipping price. :rofl:

ETA: I’ve since discovered that on the final page at checkout, you get the option to use usps which charges way less to ship (4-6 day delivery window). I Guess the most expensive option calculated by default on the first cart page. Anyways, no $20+ shipping fee after all.

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Why not drill and tap the existing plate?

I thought of that to but i believe they are aluminum so if it is a magnetic mount it will not stick unless you add some steel.

Because the Spindle mount is part of the Gantry plate. Thus, I ordered the flat plate from Inventables to replace it and I will be Mounting the laser on it, not using the magnets.