Removing for reasons

Editing and updating this. Don’t want to get the nice customer service guy in trouble. The design is the issue, not the handling.

I’m sorry that your experience hasn’t been the best with Inventables, but I will say that I have always found their customer service to be exemplary, going above and beyond to help.

I would also suggest that your issue may be with the shipping gorillas, and not with Inventables or the machine. Have you been in contact with the shipper at all, or simply blamed the manufacturer?

I don’t work for Inventables, nor do I have any stake in your issue, one way or another, but I think you may be simply trying to voice your frustrations and place blame where it isn’t warranted in this case.

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NO… I was calling people who work for the shipping companies gorillas…
For the most part, they have no idea what the terms “gentle” or “fragile” mean…

It’s not that they don’t know, I feel that 95% of the time they feel entitled enough that they figure they’re too underpaid to care. I’ve seen it time and time again. I’ve even seen a UPS driver walk up my drive and toss a package at my doorstep from about 20 ft.

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