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Ciao a tutti
Vi voglio chiedere : quando creo un foro ,un cerchio o una curva questa mi esce sempre formata da tante linee verticali ,nel momento della fresatura , queste linee compaiono anche sul pezzo lavorato . Ci sono impostazioni che posso modificare per rendere perfettamente curvo?

Alessandro asks…
Hi everyone
I want to ask you: when I create a hole, a circle or a curve it always comes out made up of many vertical lines, at the moment of milling, these lines also appear on the machined piece. Are there any settings I can change to make it perfectly curved?

The steppers that move the spindle can step left, right, forward and backward. When they step together, they can also move at 45 degree angles. All curves are approximated by short linear movements.

Advanced G-code does embrace circles and arcs, but most design software will not use them. Easel approximates circles using polygons. I looked and I didn’t see a way of changing the number of sides of the polygon.

If you find that Easel is not making curves as smoothly as you want, I recommend re-doing your design using a drawing package that can export in SVG format. Easel can then import the SVG and make G-code. That should make for a smoother project.

There are other design packages that can create G-code which Easel can then import and send to your machine.

Good luck.

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