Repetitive carves

Hi, I am fairly new to easel and while it is really user friendly I am not sure how to to do repetitive carves while skipping the setup for each new piece or if it is even possible. For example if I were to carve scrabble letters, is there a way to set up everything for the first letter and then just hit the carve button to carve another tile without going through the setup process again? I know I can use last x/y, but would like a way to use last z as well without probing. everything would be the exact same and the new tile will be in the same location on the waste board. Just trying to save time by skipping the setup process for each tile. Accuracy from tile to tile is not that important. I was thinking if there is a way it would save a lot of time if I had 50 tiles to carve.

I assume by setup you mean the post-carve setup, not the setup/configuration of your Xcarve

Sure :slight_smile:

  • Use a bump stop to affix the work piece consistently in regard to work zero (Easel Home Position)
  • Once work zero is set (Click Confirm Home Position)
  • Carve first piece
  • Insert piece number 2
  • Click Carve and “Use Previous Home”
    If you need to move the bit out of the way to remove #1/inserting #2 use only the Easel jog buttons
  • Repeat
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You have to z each time. Check out my videos. I show that on multiple projects.

I have to disagree with you. As long as the material is the same thickness and he has a bump stop set up he should not have to rezero the z. Just hit Use Previous Home and go. I have done it hundreds of times with no problems.


For using Easel & Xcarve resetting Z is not a requirement, unless something related to the bit have changed.
It may be a safe preventive measure in case of controller/USB issues during carve setup etc but not a requirement.

Great. I learned something new. I’m going to try it today. Thank you!

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Thank you for the quick responses. I am going to try it today.

Wayne you are correct.
If everything is the same there is no need to re-set or change anything.

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I always did the Z over again, I will try just hitting use last home position next time.

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Just expanding on the issue quoted above:
With homing switches enabled once can power down for the day, come back next day, power up, do a homing cycle and confirm “Use Previous Home” to reuse the same work zero.


On repetitive carves I see on these posts that you can simply “use last home”. Where is that option / button / click on… on the easel menu’s. How do you get past the Homing page without homing?
I eventually see a “use last X Y” I’m on the vertical learning curve.

When you click the green Carve-button you are guided through a sequence of confirming pages, one is where you choose between “Confirm Home Position” and “Use previous Home position

  • Confirm Home Position = set work zero = XYZ0 (This is stores as an offset to machine zero, aka homing switches.
  • Use previous Home = Carve from last stored work zero.

So for repetive carves with a single bit simply carve piece #1, jog the bit out of the way, remove piece, insert new blank and click Carve->Use Previous Home
The bit will then be lowered to set safety height, traverse to carve start point.

Thanks for the reply…I’ll try that this morning. Last night I “thought” I was having problem finding that option. The homing-limit switches are not in play with this machine. I have a lot of learning to do with this rig.

Edit GRBL parameter $22=0 which disables Homing.

We do all :slight_smile:

Haldor is right on. Here’s what I did to confirm (trust but verify).

My project is drilling 12 holes in a pc of (12" X 12" X .125") thin aluminum. Bump stops and quick clamps assure same position on work surface.
1st run I went through all the steps past [CARVE] and used the probe for Z. Perfect run with perfect depth of holes. When finished, the spindle settled on X0-Y0 home with the drill bit tip (Z) approx 3/8" above the alum part.

2nd run I clicked thru [CARVE] and used [Confirm home position] did nothing else. The result was the perfect path but the bit depth never touch the alum. surface.

3rd run I repeated the 1st run…perfect.

4th run I only selected [Or use last home position]. The run was perfect.

Soooo to effectively make repetitive / identical runs you use the “last home position” button.

Later today I’ll use easel jog to move the spindle out of the way to make changing the part easier.
Then see what steps are needed to resume drilling.

Thanks again Haldor !!

Small correction…for those of us with a Z probe.

When you arrive at the config page for Work Zero, select manual

Then on the next page select ‘or use last home position’

Had me foxed for a while

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Exactly the same :slight_smile: As long as you use the jog commands to scoot the bit out of the way you simply click “Last home position”.

  • Caution - when you do this the bit will lower to safety height (approx 3/8" above Z0) then traverse to carve start point. Make sure nothing is in this path.

If you had homing switches installed/enabled you could even retain work zero between power cycles.
It also allow you to utilize defining parking spots (scoot away spot, change tool spot or whatever) by storing them to G28 and G30.

And if you have a keyboard recording macro app installed, you could automate all of that ‘replay’ process down to a single keystroke. :wink:

As an example, I use QuicKeys on my MacMini to automate the 3-axis probing in Easel with a single ‘F1’ function key.

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Dude. Do you know how many times I’ve said, “Just make a damned ‘carve it again’ button!”?

Went with your idea and used Murgaa’s Macro Recorder. Sped up my process by leaps and bounds. Thank you.

Yay. We’ve made numerous requests about features to add to Easel…but alas,…we wait.