Replaceable Acrylic Cover on Dust Boot keeps cracking within two uses

The thin acrylic covers given with the X-Carve Dust Boot to create the suction are cracking on me in 2 uses. Both that were provided shattered in a week. I’m not letting things pop out and fly up. I use tabs.

Is there a thicker, better option?

At bare minimum, how do I get more? I don’t see it on the shop tab.

I broke the one on my SuckIt and I grabbed the file from their website and I made a replacement out of polycarbonate.

My first question is what are you doing to have them shatter?

Secondly, you can find replacements here:

Spindle Insert Plate

I’m cutting 1/2" Poplar or MDF but everything it cuts out has tabs and remains intact.

Keep an eye on where your clamps are and also that it(the brush foot) is not pushed down too snug against the material. I had one crack before but it was because the toolpath ran just close enough to a clamp that the brush caught it and it pulled it outwards in its slots thereby making the collet and/or bit come in contact with that flimsy piece.

if you want to make your own from a stronger thicker material then just use the technical drawing to make one it is the link listed as 432-00009.pdf

Yeah, I’ll have to do that because shipping the inserts are 4 times the price of the product.

I figured someone would’ve posted an Easel file or Corel file by now. But nothing.

I made a file on the other post about this. don’t know what else to do for you.

You’re file was very helpful. Thanks. I made a new post to get visibility in the request for the file pre-made. I know that this is a community and didn’t want to duplicate effort if someone already had a file locked and loaded.

I was just seeing if someone already had the file made and felt that a new thread would be more concise of a purpose.