Replacement Dewalt router gets super hot within 15 minutes

So my router, the Dewalt dwp611 had to be replaced. I noticed the replacement gets super hot after running for like 15 mins. This never happened with my old one. I assumed I was sent a defective router so I shipped it back and got a replacement and am having the same issue. Any ideas why these new routers are getting so hot? Just letting it run in the air not cutting anything makes the router heat up so much you almost cant handle it. I do a lot of long 3d carves I dont trust leaving the router running for extended periods at this heat. Thanks for any advice everyone!

You are not alone. It’s defective.

I bought the same router back in 2019 and it’s worked very well. I recently dropped the fixed base while switching out my router. The base bent around the top ring to the point of not being able to get the router back into the base. I have the plunge base but I need the fixed base for most of my work.

I tell this story because it was what lead me to buy another router just to use the fixed base hand held. My plunge works great but I can’t always use it and need the fixed base.

Anyway, I found out that DEWALT is not making the fixed base assembly part for what ever reason. I was on back order with a seller for 3 months until I finally cancelled and just bought another router at Lowes.

The 1st one I bought got so hot I could not hold it and wondered why it was over heating. I returned it and the 2nd one is also doing the same thing. I’m returning this 2nd router as well. They have one more in the store with the same Mexico build date of 2023 and I doubt that one will be better.

I decided to test what I was doing and put my original router in the fixed base of the new router. I did the same “exact” repetitive action using a round over bit and my original router did not heat up at all.

DEWALT has done something and these are all defective.

No way should these routers be heating up this way to the point of not being able to hold.

I did receive the fixed base part from a company albeit it was made for the cordless router (dcw600b), mine is corded but the base fits. I ordered another same base and will dedicate that to my router table. The only reason I bought the other router was because I could not get DEWALT to send the fixed base part.

I know this doesn’t help but you are not alone. I’m sure others are returning these routers but will DEWALT listen, who knows.