Replacing linear gcode with arc move gcode

I found this plugin for Octoprint for use with my 3D printer.

Arc Welder attempts to replace G0/G1 (linear move) GCodes with G2/G3 (arc move) GCodes. This can substantially compress many GCode files and may reduce stuttering caused by sending many tiny movements in rapid succession over a slower serial connection.

My question is; is there any similar software that can do the same for gcode generated by Easel?

You might just try the Arc Welder itself. It might work out OK.

My CNC will take circular arc commands as long as the circular arc is flat in one of the primary planes; XY, YZ or XZ.

Using the arcs not only shrinks the size of the Gcode file, it speeds the transmission of commands to the controller while producing smooth arcs rather than faceted curves.

If you use Vectric Vcarve, you can set Vcarve to use the G2 and G3 commands.

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I tried opening a gcode file (actually a .nc file that I changed the file extension on) in octoprint, and it wouldn’t even let me upload it.

What are you hoping to achieve? The arcs are always linearized at some point. If it doesn’t happen in the CAM, it’ll happen on the fly in the controller.
I’m not questioning that you’re trying this. It might help to understand your ultimate goal.