Report or Flag Projects in the Projects Section

I would love to be able to flag or report projects on the “Projects” section of this site:

There are so many spammy projects in there that are not at all related to CNCing or anything Inventables related. It would be nice to allow the community to help filter those out rather than have them continue to clutter up the projects section.


We have an open forum with many talented people. This gives everyone the opportunity to show off their projects. I for one welcome the idea that people can display their work and get a little praise. It makes people feel good and their is nothing wrong with that. By sharing these projects, it also gives inspiration for others to do similar projects. My suggestion, keep them coming.

@PhillipLunsford , I think you are missing what I am saying. There are “Projects” in the project section which are not in any way related to inventables, CNC, the like.

(Glow in the dark thread)
(Weight Loss)
(Who knows?)
(This project named ??? is not even a working link to anything) (ctrl + f and look for “sappend” project named ???")
(who knows on this one either)

Seriously, the list goes on and on and on… We have a great community here and “Projects” like this provide no value (that i see anyways? maybe im just blind…) Why not crowdsource here and allow the community to provide some means of flagging stuff like this that a moderator can come back through and clean up.

Just because you flag something doesnt mean it would automatically remove it, however, it would at least raise a flag to mods to give them easier visibility into performing cleanup.

@Zach_Kaplan - Thoughts?

It’s a good point. Some of them are from before we had machines and some look like Spam. We don’t currently have a feature to flag them.

I’ll ask the team what our options are.


Make a list of urls in this thread… no reason this can’t be done now that @Zach_Kaplan knows the junkyard dogs are all salivating…