Repurposing 3D printer components in an X-carve feasability?

I have a kit built 3D printer that I want to repurpose as components of an X-Carve.

I have 6 NEMA 17 stepper motors,an Arduino Mega 2560 board, a RAMPS 1.4 board with 4 stepper motor driver carriers (A4988), and a 12V ATX power supply (200W).

I believe I can use the steppers and the Arduino board. Can I use the RAMPS board and its stepper motor driver carriers in lieu of a gShield board?

I don’t believe I can use my power supply, correct?

Will the 24V X-Carve power supply run my NEMA motors and the electronics I have even though they were used with a 12 volt power supply on my printer. I guess what I’m asking here is does the power supply for the X-Carve have 12 volt outputs available.

To use my stepper motors I would also require the aluminum pulleys for the motor shaft, otherwise they are a simple replacement. The electronics if usable would also be simple replacements requiring no added parts, is this correct?


I have done a batch of searches and looks like it may be possible to use Ramps but with a whole lot of programming that is beyond my comfort level, so, since I can’t find a buyer for the printer I will salvage the Stepper motors and micro switches to use with X-carve.