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Request: 3d hologram maker

Anyone up for the task to create app that generate plexiglass cuts for a 3d hologram projector? So that the user can just change parameters to create big or small .

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Very cool. Is there a way to determine how wide to make the opening for a give screen size? Why does the iPad template have a 2cm tip instead of, say, a 3cm tip?

Iā€™m not really sure. there seems to be multiple names for the illusion.

I found some more info here:

I see a failed kickstarter has added a fot

Here is the cut files if any V-Carve owners interest.

Chamfer4.gcode (4.3 KB)
Profile 1.gcode (2.2 KB)

Plexiglass is 2.4mm thick.
Profile cut with .125" single or double flut spiral.
Chamfer is .125" Ball Nose (For easier assembly.