Request for feedback—When would you want to tip someone?

Hi everyone,

We’re always excited to see people sharing their projects on the forum and in the project section of the Inventables site, and asking questions and helping each other out here on the forum.

For the last year or so we’ve had the tip jar section of the forum, where people can post ideas of projects they’d like to make or that they’d like someone else to make. @ZachKaplan has used those threads to gauge interest and occasionally pay someone a “bounty” to make a project and take photos or videos, share the project, and write instructions so that other people can follow along at home.

If we were to open this process up a bit more and let people leave tips for each other as a small way to say “thanks” (think Flattr), what kind of projects do you think you’d like to tip the creator for? Projects that teach you a new technique, projects you could make as-is, projects you’d customize, projects you’d make as a gift, a specific category of projects, etc? (Feel free to post specific examples if any jump to mind!)

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I think it would be cool to see this tied into the projects section and store.

So, say someone makes a really cool project and uploads an instructional video or post on the site. They can then also add a BoM. That BoM would be linked to the inventables store where possible. If someone clicks the link on that project page to order from the store, perhaps a small percentage of that order total could be applied as a “tip”. The purchaser would also have the option of applying a tip at that point as well. I know that’s not exactly what you were asking, but I think it creates an interesting opportunity for all involved.

Another option would be to integrate it into the projects themselves where, if people use a project and wish to tip, they can do so directly from that project page.

Both would likely need to be moved to a more account based system on the projects pages, but could be interesting.

There’s loads of different directions this all could go. I’ve been working on one in my spare time for my personal use that I would really like to see done somewhere, but haven’t had the time to really consider implementing publicly anywhere.


I really like the idea of tipping someone that teaches me a new technique.

In particular, I would love to see an instructional post that walks X-Carve users through getting started in 3D carving. I would definitely pay up for a video or instructional post that covers 3D carving from beginning to end with free software.


This is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. Inventables has done a wonderful job seeding the community with the Tip Jar incentive program. My initial response to the question is that the process can be somewhat democratic. When people develop a project, tutorial, SVG file that is “tip-worthy”, I think it should be nominated. When people help out others with drawing up a file for a newbie, it would be cool if that became “tippable”.

For me personally, there have been numerous occasions where someone has helped me or I have witnessed unbelievably generosity where someone has gone to unbelievable lengths to help a fellow forum member who’s stuck. Rather than let that taint their X-Carve experience, members dog-pile on the issue and it rapidly gets resolved so the original poster can continue to move forward.


@MidnightMaker couldn’t have said any better, I have learned so much just from the kind folks here on the forum! @Zach_Kaplan Maybe we could set up a “points page” Where everybody that has an Inventables log in can purchase points and “tip” other members with the points that they can redeem at the store or maybe Ebay ect…

@bill_leach what if it was a tip jar and you could give a tip for a project? Maybe a tip for an awesome response?

Would that ruin the community because it becomes about money or would it simply be a way to show gratification for work?

I suppose we could make turning the tip on optional so if you didn’t want to get involved in it then you didn’t have to.

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What if…everybody had a tip jar icon just below their profile picture and anyone could click on it and purchase a gift card from Inventables for that person? That would be a nice way to get material and bits and things and keep it “in house”. That way, like you mentioned it would be totally optional. And maybe Inventables could make it really exciting for the super awesome ideas and match the initial tip?


im in the sameboat

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I’m envisioning a break even proposition for myself: I work my butt off to do Tip Jar Projects and to help people (altruistically), and so many other members help me that it ends up being a wash. I’m TOTALLY OK with that. The end result is that we all move forward as a community. I really don’t think the spirit of this community will be damaged by something as silly as a little cash. After all, we’ve forked out quite a bit of dough for the machine and the hourly support rate we provide each other…PRICELESS…

If I end up with a little extra “funny money” in my Inventables account, then so be it. That’s not what I’m here for…

I’m smelling a brand new business model here. One based on skill-sharing and generosity of spirit. If we can pull this off, then I’ll say to myself “What a Wonderful World”…

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What a minute, shouldn’t these people be forced to share the information gained from a open source collective. Those of us who are less privileged than them have a right to these skills for free. I could also make the case that they should, in fact, pay us until we reach the same skill level they have stolen, they should also be forced to make any plaques or laser etched items I need until I finish learning, that way I can take the full 4 four years it will take to truly master this craft… Feel the Bern. JK

Yes, I support a tip jar.

Suggest an option for the tip recipient to donate a portion of their tips to a “school account”. When the donated tips equal an x- carve, inventibles could send one to a deserving school.


Me too. I’d be happy to tip anyone who came up with a step-by-step process for a simple 3D workflow. Plus a bonus if uses free software (e.g. Fusion 360, Inkscape, easel, etc.)

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