Request: Video that shows X and Y Axis move with motors OFF


I think it might be helpful to have a video that demonstrates for each 500 and 1000mm X-Carves:

a) X- and Y-Axis movement with motors turned off
b) belt tightness (maybe by lifting the belt in the middle of the rail)

That would help to troubleshoot because users can compare if their X-Carve is gliding the correct way (and making the right sound) when manually moving it on X and Y axis.

Same for the belt tightness.

Just an idea, maybe somebody with a well working machine can make a quick video :smile:

Funny that you should ask for those, I just uploaded 2 today that deal with belt tension and adjusting potentiometers. There’s not a “default” gliding featured in them, but you can see and hear what happens with the pots dialed too high and too low.

Check out this forum: X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!

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Thanks! Your videos ‘inspired’ me to check all the pullies. and 1 setscrew on each of the Y axises was missing!
Btw, is there a way to buy just the setscrews somewhere?

Oh by fixing that, you might have solved my problem here Loosing Steps on X Axis - Stuttering in X- Direction but smooth on X+

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Good find, I’m glad you found the (or at least a) problem! I don’t know what size those setscrews are, but you should be able to e-mail and get some assistance with them. For now, you probably want to make sure that the remaining setscrew in each Y-axis is centered on the flat part of the shaft, and I’d recommend using some loctite to keep them in place.

You should be able to source replacement setscrews at any decent hardware store.

Just for future reference, the screws are M3 Set Screws. Thats at least what inventables emailed me back today.
But since i live in a fairly rural area (next Home Depot about 100 miles away for exampe), it will be an online order for me…

Also, the issue with the Axis being off are still there. I tried a test again and its not resolved yet :frowning: not sure anymore what to do…