Reroute Y-axis drag chain to exit left rear instead of left front

Hi everyone,

Just finished the mechanical assembly of my 1000mm XCarve, minus the section of drag chain that runs on the Y axis. I just noticed that it exits the front of the machine. Given my workbench situation, this is the absolute worst place (ideal would be right rear, but left rear will work fine). I live in an apartment, so my situation is kinda particular and not easily changed.

Has anyone made this swap? I can come up with some type of cobbled thing on my own if needed, but if someone has a more elegant solution that I could steal, it would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Port Washington, WI

My “cobble” turned out a lot better than I thought it would. See attached pics. Any thoughts?

I ended up reversing the last 5 links of drag chain near the wire exit to allow it to sit flat.

Also - this does jam up the back 6" or so of the workspace. I’m not worried about it…the biggest project I can think of right now for me is about 16"x24", so this suits my needs fine. If I need to change it later, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there…

How are you coping with the noise and dust in your apartment?

Haven’t started routing anything yet, working on wiring currently. As far as noise goes, 80% of what I plan on doing is PCB related, so I’m going to turn the router speed down (have the DeWalt 611) and use beeswax or similar for lubrication and dust containment.

For the larger or wooden projects, the plan is to route them on the weekend or over lunch on the weekdays (I live 3 blocks from work, which is handy) when the people below me are gone. I have a corner apartment, so I’m not worried about others on my floor. As far as dust goes, I have a good shop vac that isn’t terribly noisy…I’m going to try following the router head by hand first. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to make an enclosure for it.

I’ve worked with routers before, so I have a rough clue of what I’m getting into. I’ll report back as things go.

Just spent the last half and hour routing MDF. The volume level is tolerable, but something I’m definitely not going to run late at night. Might try a QuietCut at some point in the not too distant future. Dust has been tolerable, probably need to upgrade the vacuum at some point, or build a boot around the router bit.

All in all, it’s survivable.