Reset after Limit switch trigger

How do I reset after a limit switch is triggered in Easle?

the simple way is to unplug and replug usb, then jog away, repeat until it moves off of the switch…

Thank you SethCNC, but I was looking for the reset ‘button’/link within Easel. I can see a USB port getting tore up with the frequency this happens.

one could use a usb hub with a on/off switch and actuate the switch… I mentioned this because the model of CNC you are using wasn’t specified… some models of CNC have a button on the controller that kind of looks like a refresh button. this will perform the same power cycle as unplug and replugging USB. To do it within Easel you’d need to open the machine inspector page (press ctrl+Shift+D to open this page within Easel) then send the command $X which disables any active alarm/error an unlocks the cnc…

I’m very new to Easel but I think I’m right in thinking when I have this problem of hitting the limit switch or boundary, then simply pushing the emergency stop button on controller and resetting button allows you to continue jogging etc.

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