Resin filled cutout

Client wanted the Hawaiian Isl chain on a 16" Lazy Susan. Built from Sapele, cut the islands and river design to 3/16" deep using 1/8" downcut bit @ 80ipm/ .05 doc. Took 40 min. Painted the bottom a bright silver to accentuate the blue tinted resin. Finished with lacquer sanding sealer and 3 coats of (homemade) wipe on poly. Turned out good and main thing… she loves it.



At first glance I thought river, but almost immediately after, I recognized Hawaii. I like the look.

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Looks good. Like that a lot.

I’m just getting in to resin filling. Do you have any advice for mixing in the pigment with the clear resin in order to get even distribution? I am experimenting with glow pigment and it doesn’t seem to like to mix well.

Only used the Glow powder for one project. Loved it in the dark, didn’t like the milky white look in the light. Since they are a powder and don’t actually dissolve in resin it’s hard to get even. I did my fills using multiple shallow layers. Think it helped with getting it even. Lots of YouTube on the subject, I’m sure they’ll have more info.

Does anyone have any suggestions on polishing the resin?

When I’ve used resin and the hardened surface has been below the level of the wood, it’s looked really nice. However if I’ve had to sand the surface and part of the resin has been sanded, there’s nothing I’ve been able to do to restore a gloss surface. I’ve used fine wet & dry paper up to 1200 grit and while it’s smooth, it’s not polished. Applying varnish or shellac polishes it up, but that’s less than ideal on a cutting board etc.

Built a lot of surfboards when I was young. Wet sand progressively to 1200 or so. Buff (machine buff if you can) with automotive rubbing/ polishing compound.

Ok, I’ll try that. Maybe with a Dremel or some such. Thanks.