Resin inlay cutting board pics


They all look good. I have not tried the resin yet but before long i will. Great work.

its so easy to use…I buy the crafting store resin at Michaels (I use a 50% off coupon and it costs 25 bucks for a half litre)

Mix it, pour it in the carved area, use a throw away thin flat edge spreader to clear it off the board… the blowtorch to remove the bubbles and also any cloudiness that forms in the resin (I also use silicone backing sheets to line the slop tray I place the boards in while pouring spreading and curing) resin wont stick to the silicone.

then 24 hours later I use my orbital sander w/120 grit sandpaper on the board areas to remove excess cured resin.careful not to hit the resin area.

Then I coat the whole thing in a few coats of butcher block wax…and bobs your uncle.

the boards are a buck each at the dollar store and I sell them for 25 bucks. I sold 10 in the last two days lol


Doesn’t sound to hard. I gues i better give it a try. Where are you selling them that you sold 10 in one day. That is a pretty high rate of traffic.

They look great!!!

where are you finding those for $1. I am seeing $3 for everywhere

a dollar store in my town…the store thats actually 1.25, not dollarama (which is a walmart dressed up to mimic a dollar store LOL)

a facebook bidding wars site, it has 15,000 local ppl on it.

I put one up for bid with a pic of all of them in the posting…I had 9 pm’s on facebook after the auction closed


Good job. That is how you pay for your machine.

I have a woodworking company and I thought adding the Xcarve to my shop that I would be doing tons of cool carvings with my furniture projects…NOPE all I make are cutting boards and signs now. But hey the profit margins are better and I can turn projects over way faster now


I know the feeling. I make furniture day in and day out and thought i could use it for that and like you i make signs and cutting boards. I coulld easily incorperate it into some of the items i make but between making the fyrniture and making signs i do not have time to experiment with the furniture. I can not complain i am busy and that is the main thing.

It’s not as creative IMO but I enjoy it and my 1500 sq foot 1 man shop is busy all the time. my wife and kids like it way more now,as that they leave printouts of things they see on the web for me on my xcarve station keyboard with a post it “I love you daddy” lol

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My wife does the same thing every day. She sees something everyday that i should make. LOL

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I feel you on that. I haven’t used it for myself yet. getting it paid for quickly though.

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It does not take long if you have a good outlet.

the first thing I made myself, after 8 months I made this yesterday lol…

I wanted something to mount on the wall behind my desk in my office


Same here. Nope, I’ve made a TON of little craft stuff that women go crazy over here. It pays, so I’ll keep making the stuff though. I’m posting less on some sites on facebook though so I can have a little more time to focus on larger projects. I finally found an awesome sawmill so starting next week I’m going to work on some big tables…while still getting PMs on facebook lol

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What do you use for coloring the resin. Ive done a lot of pictures frames and other stuff with resin but never with color. I even did my living and dining room floors. That wasn’t fun!

I paint the carved out areas with acrylic paints…I don’t tint the resin, simply paint the carved letters, once dry, then pour the resin.

oh, ok. I thought people use some type of special paint into the resin. Thanks!