Resist to allow resin to fill only carved letters

I am looking for assistance in making birdhouses with names filled in with resin. I am looking for what could be used as a coating to use as a resist that would seal the surface before carving, then allow for the resin to fill only the carved area

Not aware of any “resist”. Most people I know fill and then sand the surface to remove any excess.

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I would assume that anything you would apply to keep the resin form sticking would also keep any finish or paint from sticking also. Best bet would be to mix small amounts, just enough for the lettering then sand.

@MartinGutzmer. Seal the wood with shellac. I usually put three coats on. Then do the carve. Fill with resin. Sand through all grits until you have a high gloss on the resin. Seal again with several coats of UV protection clear gloss.

Thank You!!!

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