Resize after Rotate

So this is a pet-peeve bug that has been there for a long long long time.

If I rotate an object 90 degrees, and then I want to resize.

If I move the WIDTH grab point the HEIGHT changes.
If I move the HEIGHT grab point the WIDTH changes

I obviously know how to get around it, but it is annoying.
And note, if I CLOSE the project after rotation, and come back… then it works as expected.


not sure that this helps, but what I do is combine items after doing the rotation, then you still have the history and the ability to undo any changes…

This really isn’t a “combine” bug.

It will happen with any object.
If I rotate it, and then try to resize… it goes in the wrong direction.

I will try to capture a video

I understand what b your saying & I agree with you. What I am showing is that combining is just another work around to closing and reopening the project.

If you rotate and then combine (I used a 0 depth object to combine as a trick) then it will re-assign the height and width to their proper directions

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