Resize multiple objects

Hi, I have a project for coins to sit in a wooden desktop which has 2mm circles cut out in over 200 places on a 500x500mm work piece.
my problem is, having placed all the 15mm circles in place i need now to increase the size or each cut out circle by 0.2mm.
is there a way to do this?
I CAN , obviously select each one and change the size but prefer to spend my afternoon doing more carving than desk work so i would like to enlarge the coin slots as a whole, multiple selection and change the size keeping the position of each.
Simple you would think!
Many thanks

You can cheat by specifying a different than actual bit diameter.

If he wants to increase the size of the circles, he should input a smaller than actual bit diameter, so the machine carves a larger area to make up for the smaller bit.

If there are other design elements on this workpiece and you indicate a different bit size, those other design elements will be cut slightly larger, too. You might want to isolate the circles on their own workpiece (page? carve stage?) if that would be a problem.

If he cuts on path yes, if its outside/inside path then a larger diameter than actual is required to cheat. A larger value will give a greater offset from design.

Since he have circles with Ø15mm I assume he cut outside/inside path.

Okay, now I don’t know what his project is. I took what he was describing to mean he was cutting Ø15mm pockets that coins would fit into. He called them coin slots. If this is what he’s doing, he’ll want to use a slightly larger bit than what he says it is and do a fill carve. That will produce round pockets slightly larger than the 15mm he has designed.

But is he instead cutting out 15mm discs of wood to serve as coins? If so, then as you said, he would cut outside using a bit slightly smaller than what he told the machine it is to make the discs slightly larger than 15mm.

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You are right, if the pockets are a little tight as-is and he want to expand that by 0.2mm then a specified tool diameter = 0.1mm less than actual size will carve the pocket 0.1mm oversized all around (net 0.2mm oversize)

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Excellent, I will just do that, thanks guys, case closed!